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If you got here by going to, you will not have noticed that I have moved my blog.  The reason for the move is that I was unable to utilise various widgets that I am able to us at my new blog.  You will notice the difference when you get there.  The new address is  If you go to that is my own domain and I choose where that is pointed to. 

Thanks for checking by and I look forward to seeing you all over at the new blog.  Have a great day!



All bloggers go through a time when they don’t know what to post next. It can be very frustrating and in all of this, our blogs suffer due to neglect. So, where do we get the best ideas from and how do we keep our readers interested in what we have to say?

If you’re interested in building a large following through your blog, it’s perfectly possible. You just need a bit of consistency, a few good widget to allow your blog to be shared virally, and you need to be a good writer – or at least know of someone who is.

The best place to look for great material for any blog posts are on an article submission directory. There, you will always find well-written, fresh and exciting posts that will really whet the appetites of your readers for more of the same. We just need to make sure that our readers are always interested. It is always best to write for article submission directories yourself. This is because, you will have more people using your articles for their blogs, websites and e-zines. Part of the deal is that people who use your articles, must use any links you have at the bottom of your article.

The next place to get ideas for your blogs, is drumming up ideas from reading other people’s blogs. When you do look through other blogs, it is important that you leave a comment at the bottom of the blog post that you are reading. When you leave that comment, you will also be asked for your website address and that generates traffic for your blog. Apart from that aspect of it, the search engines will rank your blog more highly if you have plenty of backlinks to your blog.

Another good way to get ideas for your blog is to look for people’s questions on both your blog and other blogs. Are there any comments on other blogs that ask questions that you feel you can answer.

When you have built up your blog a bit, you will find that you get more traffic. It will just take off and some of those people will also ask for information on a certain aspect of your niche. If you can fit that into a blog post, you can not only satisfy your readers, they will also have more respect for you as an expert in a field that they want to learn more about.

I read an article in New Media Age which cleared the air concerning many people’s perception that blogging is dying. It is not and it will not. There are many blogs that were once active and churning out great material, that are now inactive and basically dead. The net is a bit of a blog cemetery, but there will always be people who need to get their thoughts out on their own blogs. People will always want to read what you have to say, if you write well and produce a consistent flow of articles and blog posts.

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VerneyWeb – Making the Worldwide Web Work Wonders for You

Building relationships on the internet is a commonly overlooked aspect of achieving marketing success. Entrepreneurs sometimes fail to even recognize that relationship building is ultimately the most effective marketing strategy they can use. True as it is that the available technology certainly helps grow a business, to be truly successful one must also focus on relationship building as well!

Here are 3 vital components every business must have for online marketing success that developing strong relations with others can supply!


Connecting with others on the internet by supplying them with information that is of interest and useful can actually create a sense of dependency. This is your ‘hook’ and when people come to recognize you as a free and accurate source for their interests and needs they tend to become more reliant upon you! The first step is to get them to return! Now you are building trust with them which will make you much more effective marketing any goods or services to them down the road.


Developing customer loyalty is the ultimate key to your marketing success online and can be accomplished by consistently being helpful. Making yourself available in terms of discussions or at least something new to offer such as useful content will compel people to continue returning. The use of blogs or even social network sites are a great way to connect with others! Also by not aggressively or consistently promoting something to them will help to only deepen their loyalty towards you!


The ‘track record’ you develop with others, provided it is positive, will compel folks to spread the word to others with similar interests! At this point you are now able to expand your exposure using the viral effect that results from the satisfaction others have experienced with you! Your success will only grow from the additional traffic that has been ‘recommended’ to you by people they already trust!

Building relationships can justifiably be considered the foundation to your marketing success when work on the internet. Although technology does allow for a certain amount of sophistication and automation when working online, nothing is more important than relationship building. Having a strong connection with those to whom you promote is the most effective marketing strategy you can employ. The 3 vital components every successful business needs that are reviewed above can only be supplied by maintaining healthy interpersonal relations. Always remember people are still people whether you communicate to them in person or over the internet! You absolutely must earn their trust and loyalty if you are seeking marketing success be it online or off!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
To learn more about the importance of building relationships online and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques for your marketing needs simply visit:

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VerneyWeb – Making the Worldwide Web Work Wonders for You

Just thought I’d write to let you know that I am now working with Regency Property Investment.  For more information on Regency, please go to the site I built for this work by clicking here.

VerneyWeb – Making the Worldwide Web Work Wonders for You

I have touched on how to get people to enjoy your content and eventually pass it on to create a viral effect. Now I want to dive into some actual methods you can apply today to increase your traffic, views and business! 10 methods to be exact, plus a bonus tip. Read on…

Below are the Top 10 Ways to get a Viral Effect

1. Different Headlines and tags – Do your keyword research and try to get some good keywords that surround your content. Think, “what would you type in if you were looking for a video like yours?” Once you get good, you can even adjust the tags so they only bring up other videos that you want them too in the suggested videos box. Headlines are a double edged sword. You want it to be catchy and at the same time an accurately description, so I will leave it up to you to find the right balance.

2. Blogs – Get it out there. Post it to as many blogs as you can and see if you can get people to add it to theirs! If you can get on 1 or 2 high traffic blogs, you can explode as those people will share it with their friends and so on. This is something to seriously think about and even consider paying for!

3. Forums – Start threads and embed the content. This is a great way to get views to your content. NOw that being said, it is very time consuming, but if you can find a few niche forums and start a few new threads in each, they you can drive a lot of traffic.

4. Leverage Your Social Networks – This is what it is all about folks! This should go without saying at this point, but tweet it on twitter, post it on Facebook, embed it on MySpace and make sure its in your YouTube channel. This can drive massive traffic within a few hours, so be ready!

5. Email Lists – This has been one of the main cornerstones in some of the big viral campaigns I have researched. The disbursement and forwarding of a mass email is a phenomenal way to get your content in front of a lot of people quickly. Imagine if they in turn forward it to their lists and so on and so forth. You my friend have a virus on your hands.

6. Social Bookmarking and The Availability to Bookmark – I made social bookmarking its own point here because it is so powerful. If you have a blog or article, make sure they can Digg, Stumble and Mixx your posts and articles and videos very easily so that it will turn will drive more hits and rank you higher organically. If you can get onto the front page of one of the major bookmarking sites, you will see an almost instant spike in traffic and if you did it right that will in itself spread your virus.

7. Choose a Good Thumbnail – You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When people see your thumbnail, what will they think? The thumbnail is that first impression. Make sure it is something eye catching and something that would make you yourself click. Some people resort to the old sex sells adage here and I will leave that decision up to you, but ask yourself how many times have you clicked on the hot girl in the bikini?

8. Comments – People love comments. It has often been said that blogs or posts don’t get famous for the posts themselves, but rather for the comments underneath. That rings true for videos too. So, do what you have to to get some comments on there. I will let you use your imagination, as I have not suggested anything of the sort that you are thinking about right now.

9. Give Them What They Want – Top Ten Lists(see I am not stupid), how to tutorials, current events, extreme events, and really anything that hits home and/or elicits a deep emotion(passion, fear, lust, sorrow). These are the types of things that people want to see. If you can pull some deep emotions out of people then it is all over, you have a hit. If you can’t help but laugh, cry gasp or be captivated then you have the makings of a great article/video/post. You can also elicit the same response by giving people massive value, just like this article. People pay a lot of money for information like this, but I am giving it away for free and that is powerful.

10. Ask for Help – Why not? You would be surprised how many people will forward an email or bookmark a site if you just ask them to. If will go something like this:

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article on Viral Marketing. Do your part to help make this article go Viral by Digging it, Stumbling Upon it, Mixing it up, posting it to your Facebook, Your MySpace and tweeting about it on Twitter. You can also Check out my blog at…etc…etc

So there you go, Those are my Top 10 Ways to Create a Viral Effect with videos, articles or even your business.

Now, I promised you a bonus tip.

***Try some Neuro Linguistic Programming***

-I, like you, want to maximize my effectiveness whether it is for work or even just for fun. Join my team now to make sure you understand this powerful method of controlling people through techniques such as suggestion and embedded commands. You will make more money and buy now, hopefully, you have noticed a few of these anchors. Haha, you get that?

As always,
Good Luck out there


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VerneyWeb – Making the Worldwide Web Work Wonders for You

Use Advanced Search to find people interested in what you offer

It would be amazing to be able to find consumers who are currently in need of your product/service, are in your target area, and referencing your business and competitors. Traditional media focuses on outbound marketing, and interrupting peoples day to serve up a message with hopes that someone would be interested. With online media and internet marketing, local business owners can start a conversation with someone who is actually in need, and currently talking about your products and services. Anyone would tell you that this is a great source of potential new customers in the market for your product/service NOW! Start by going to

Here you can type in any set of keywords that pertains to your business. If you’re a Fort Lauderdale roofer, type in leaky roof, a competitors name, new roof, etc and find people in need of your service. Next, target these results by typing in a zip code and distance from that zip to serve up results for your service area. Once you see the results, you can even click “Feed for this query” to get a live feed every time there are new updates with these keywords.

Follow these people and start conversation and engage with them to close new business!

Follow other businesses using Twitter, follow their followers.

Easy enough, but if you are looking to find more people to follow you, start joining the conversation by following people in your industry. Get ideas for your updates. Twitter will give you a list of all of their followers, so if you see some people who are in your target market, follow them to. Its a known fact that about 50% of the people you follow will follow you back. NOTE: Do not just follow everyone, as if you follow hundreds of people at once your account will be suspended. Get engaged with the prospects and find if theres a need. At least you will have people following you who then care about your product.

Add your “Follow me” Twitter icon to email signature

Chances are, you are probably sending emails out to current clients and prospects anyway. Just add your Twitter icon to all of your employees email signature, and BOOM… instant marketing for your twitter account, directed at people you are already interacting with.

If you have any Twitter questions on how to use this tool for your business, or any other online marketing questions, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

Miami Internet Marketing
Miami SEO

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VerneyWeb – Making the Worldwide Web Work Wonders for You

When it comes to making cash on the internet the biggest issue that so many people have is they just do not understand where to begin and what to do – that’s about to change. Something you have to realize is the more you know about making money online the easier it’s all going to be.

The primary thing that you should understand is that article marketing is a great method to make quick cash and the reason is because there are millions of sites out there that you can get your articles on. For instance think about this, you compose 1 article and publish that on 5000 websites that all receive between 10-30 visitors each day. Don’t you think you would be able to earn some money from the traffic that clicks through your link? I’m very sure you can and that is one of the reasons why I want to talk to you about article marketing and what it can accomplish for you.

If you want to earn quick cash from article marketing the first thing you have to know is that you must keep at it. Where lots of individuals fail is they begin article marketing with a false hope that they will be able to earn fast cash with just writing 1 article every few days but that is not the case. What you need to realize is that in order to earn fast cash you must write no less than one article everyday and submit that article to as many article directories and blogs as you can.

Tricks to earn fast cash with article marketing

Know your subject – If you’re doing article marketing than make sure that you get what you’re talking about. For instance do not talk about “Cancer” if you have no clue what that actually is. Do yourself and your readers a big favor and only talk about things you have experience in.

Publish bigger posts – I am not saying writing a post that is 2000 words but make it no less than 400 or else it’ll be hard for you to earn cash quickly. The reason you want to write a little bigger of a post is to make sure that your readers get just what they were wanting to get out of your article.

Write daily – If you would like to make cash online then you have to understand that you have to write daily. Lots of individuals think it does not matter if you publish 2 articles per day or 14 in 1 day but the truth is that traffic is different each day of the week and because of that you need to try to average yourself out so that you receive as much traffic and make as much money as possible.

If you want to make money then the first thing you need to know is that you must have some decent ideas to make money, the next thing you need to understand is you will not earn cash quickly if you do not put in the time and effort.

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VerneyWeb – Making the Worldwide Web Work Wonders for You

If you love ridiculously long lists on how to become a better blogger, then you’ll be thrilled with what I have to share with you inside this article.

Let’s dive into the delicious details, shall we?

1) Always write your headline first

2) Don’t be a boring blogger

3) Become a creator of creativity

4) Be the blogger who break the news-as well as blogs about it

5) Focus on your content on your readers (and off yourself) by avoiding “I”, “Me” and “My” statements

6) Respond to your visitor’s comments

7) Add to the conversation in the comment sections on other blogs

8) Captivate your readers thoughts with action verbs like “berserk”, “sizzling”, and “jaw-dropping”

9) Write every day, not necessarily post everyday (unless you possess an inhuman ability to create daily killer content like Ben Settle)

10) Publish content on industry leaders

11) Blog about small bloggers

12) Blog about big bloggers

13) Craft compelling head-turning headlines

14) Link to other bloggers best content

15) Read authority blogs in (or out of) your market

16) Link to your own killer content

17) Retweet other bloggers content

18) Join a Syndication Tribe

19) Become a “Zen-like Master” of keyword research

20) Join a mastermind group

21) Share other bloggers best stuff on Facebook

22) Be interesting, engaging, and compelling

23) Read the Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing (The most comprehensive blog post on twitter resources)

24) Publish a post about all the plugins you use

25) Be bold and blog about your past failures

26) Even better, blog about your success

27) Showcase case studies from some of your successful marketing campaigns

28) Pump out a post about where your been, where you are going, and how your crowd can get their too

29) Make a bold prediction, and the blog about the results

30) Create blog post using the list format

31) Open your blog post with a bang, using, “if, then” statements (see first paragraph for example)

32) Gain fame and fortune by becoming a guest blogger

33) Keep a swipe file of great blog headlines for inspiration (seek legal counsel before using anyone else’s stuff)

34) Consistently create new content for your readers

35) Blog about marketing tools you use and can ethically recommend

36) Write blog posts worthy of reading, linking to, and syndicating

37) Create the type of content your readers find valuable, not what you find valuable

38) Inspire with stories to effectively illustrate your points

39) Read books religiously that inspires, motivates, and empowers

40) Write posts that seduce your readers from headline to call to action

41) It ain’t thanksgiving, so don’t keyword stuff your posts

42) Write for your readers not the search engines

43) Blog about stuff that entertains, enlightens, inspires, or educates

44) Write awesome content that wows your readers

45) Keep a pen and a pad in arms reach at all times to jot down blogging ideas

46) Bookmark killer blog posts worthy of emulation

47) Be a daily reader of Copyblogger

48) Write to your target audience, not to everybody in your market

49) Become a student of SEO Copywriting

50) Listen, read, and watch motivational, influential, and thought leaders anywhere you can find them

Unadvertised Bonus:

51) Write blog posts that stirs up your readers imagination with phrases like: “Picture this”, “just imagine”, “have you ever wondered”, or “remember when you”

Following some or all of these tips will give you a jumpstart into building the blog that attracts more links, subscribers, higher ranking inside the search engines.

Jesse Huber specializes in producing compelling content for blogger’s and online business builders on his Online Marketing Blog.

Looking for more backlinks on Do Follow Blogs? Visit today, where all of your comments count inside the search engines.

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VerneyWeb – Making the Worldwide Web Work Wonders for You

Are you looking for ways to improve the marketing of your blog? Perhaps you are just starting out in the blogging world, or maybe you already have a blog, but it hasn’t been successful so far. To create a winning blog you will need these important marketing factors for success.

Without question, the most important aspect of a successful blog is your content. Your content determines your marketing approach. Therefore, if you want to ensure success, your blog content has to be informative, authentic, interesting, relevant, and trustworthy. Neglecting content is one of the most prevalent mistakes amongst blog marketers.

Another essential element of a successful blog is visibility. Achieving high visibility is done by exchanging links with authoritative websites and relevant blogs. This usually takes the form of a mutual exchange that is beneficial for both parties. Recognized authoritative sites have a high page ranking, and they can bring more organic traffic to your blog.

However, it is important to remember that you will need to exchange links with websites and blogs that have a higher page ranking than you, which can be problematic if you are just starting out. You might have to use all your powers of persuasion to get important sites to link to your small blog. Here is where your content can prove your staying power. In the end, if you are both in the same field, mutual promotion will work for both of you.

Keeping track of your visitors is also an important part of blog marketing. You need to know where they are coming from and how they found your blog. Knowing which keywords visitors used to get to your blog is helpful for search engine optimization.

Finally, a successful blog marketing campaign requires frequent fresh material that fulfils the needs of your blog visitors. Again, it comes down to content: if your content is good, it will encourage sharing. Visitors sharing content with friends or colleagues is a blog marketer’s dream.

Remember these essential factors of blog marketing if you want your blog to be a success. Beginners often make the mistake of wasting time and money on promotion and search engine optimization only, while neglecting content. If your blog content is good, you will have a much better chance of making your blog a success, because it will be easier to get others to link to you, and you will get free promotion from your blog visitors, who will want to share your content.

Lynn Brown – Social Marketing Coach, Mentor, Trainer – Become a Profitable Entrepreneur! Learn the basics in social marketing techniques and blogging strategies for online business success.

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VerneyWeb – Making the Worldwide Web Work Wonders for You

Promoting your blog is the single most important thing you need to do if your going to reach your financial goals. The strategies I am about to share are proven and will generate a tremendous amount of traffic.

Without question social media is the prime spot to promote your blog. Here is a list of social media sites I strongly suggest you utilize:

  • Facebook – Simply place your blog post URL into as many Facebook groups as you can. This will give you backlinks and plenty of traffic
  • LinkedIn – This is a great resource and is very similar to Facebook when posting into groups within your niche. I have actually seen twice the amount of leads coming out of LinkedIn then I have from Facebook
  • Twitter – This is one social media site people simply are not using enough. By keeping your twitter account open and writing a short but strong sentence with the exact blog post URL you will have many leads come from twitter
  • Onlywire – This is a free service where you can click a bookmark and share button that will get your blog post out to 40 of the top page rank websites on the Internet. This will not only get you a lot of traffic but will give you backlinks to push your blog post up within the Google rankings
  • Tribes – The traffic and backlinks you will get by joining a free tribe is amazing. There are a few very strong tribes that will have hundreds of people sending your blog post out to hundreds of websites and blogs all over the Internet
  • Article marketing – Article marketing holds both a strong backlink to your blog and if your information is strong you will generate a lot of traffic. Remember, if you become an expert within your niche people will know it and want to do business with you

While I work my business online full time I actually use all of the above each and every day. Even if you are working your business on a part time basis, many of the above are autosyndicating which means you just click a few buttons to share your blog post with hundreds of other like minded people.

If true success is what you seek we need to back up a bit. You see the biggest problem I see with those I mentor is that their marketing funnel is not set up correctly.

I can teach you to drive 1000s of people to your blog per day but if your marketing funnel is not correct you are still not going to earn any significant income. So what does a proper marketing funnel consist of?

  • A free gift that you offer to your prospects
  • Capture pages for your visitors to complete their information to receive their free gift
  • Autoresponders that send out the free gift and follow up emails that allow your prospects to understand how you can assist them
  • Various call to actions within your blog including a “Pop Up” which will convert 30% of your prospects

The above is so important if you are going to earn serious income online. Set your business up once and correctly and enjoy the many befits with working online and from home.

Here is a Free 3-Day Free Training “The Secrets Behind Social Media” that will show you exactly how to set up your marketing funnel and extensive blogging strategies.

Blogging for cash is actually quite simple once you have a daily strategy that you are implementing on a consistent basis. The free training above will review many of those daily activities while putting a professional marketing funnel in place.

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VerneyWeb – Making the Worldwide Web Work Wonders for You