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Today we are going to focus on content creation and why you need it now more than ever. Even with the internet, which continues to rapidly change, you still need great quality content.

Content is still King

It’s been said, over and over and over again throughout the years, whenever there’s something new that comes up, that content is no longer needed. I’ve heard this every time something new is introduced online. I’ve heard something like this nearly every month since I came online full-time years ago.

But folks, content is still King and Queen. So it’s royalty on the net and always will be.

When audio came along, people said, nope, don’t need content anymore. Folks, audio is simply spoken content.

Then video came along and people really got on the bandwagon saying “Well, we don’t need it anymore.” Wrong again. Video is simply spoken and video content.

Getting the theme here?

Then the biggest change of all that brought in the notion that content was no longer needed was social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, all the others.

Don’t need content any more? It’s just not true. Folks, unless there’s thousands of people pathologically interested in what you had for lunch, you need good quality content in social media. Another way to look at it is social media is micro-content, simply micro-content. Small amounts of content.

You can deliver good content in 140 characters or less on Twitter, you just need to be succinct and have a lot of practice at it. It’s very doable. And it’s micro-content on Facebook. Good micro-content on YouTube. Good micro-content on LinkedIn. You still need content and we always will.

There’s another reason. Studies in recent times show that when looking at different websites and using what’s called Heat Map Technologies and monitoring where the eyes of viewers go, they go to content. They ignore banner ads.

There’s even a name for it: it’s called banner blindness. People’s eyes go to where the content is. Think about it: people spend all this money on Google Ad Words and Banner Ads, when all they need to do is create good quality content.

So save yourself some money and frustration, and create great quality content. It will always be needed, and it will always pay off.

Now in this article I’ve just scratched the surface about the need for content. You want to learn to create great content.

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Why only 31 minutes? Because I believe that delivering great strategies should not take a long time.

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