Twitter has become a well liked and commonly used marketing tool by many internet marketers over recent years, but why is this? Well, there are quite a few reasons actually. Twitter is a “micro-blogging” website, unlike an ordinary blog; you are restricted to 140 character posts maximum. As you can imagine, this took a while to catch on, but once it did, many marketers who were once skeptical of Twitter, began to understand its potential and started to make full use of it. The ability to make quick and effective posts to thousands of followers proved itself to be very compelling.

Twitter provides you with a unique ability to connect with your followers and potential buyers efficiently and vividly without any major fuss whatsoever, so here’s how to utilize it as a really great marketing tool for your online ventures:

When someone decides to follow you, they will see your “tweets” whenever you post them, just like blog posts. When starting out with Twitter, you should aim to get targeted followers; these are people who are interested in your products/services. Many people make the fatal mistake of just getting anybody from anywhere to follow them, who have no interest in what you are marketing; then make no progress because they’re promoting to hundreds of people with no buying potential whatsoever.

Thankfully, Twitter has search capabilities. You can use this to search for compatible individuals who show signs that they might be interested in whatever it is you have to offer. If you are selling a product about how to become a better fisherman, for example, you would search for anyone who shows particular interest in fishing, it’s really that simple. If you manage to build a large following of like-minded people who are on the same wave-length as your product, then your tweets could potentially generate a great deal of sales.

You can invite new people to follow you by sending them a short message explaining what it is that you do and what kind of things you tweet about. If you have done your searches well, they are likely to go ahead and follow you. It also helps if you follow them too, as a token of mutual friendship.

Another great way to obtain followers is to go to other Twitter pages, similar to your own, and see if any of the followers of that page would like to follow you too. Since they have already shown interest in similar things to what you tweet about, there’s a good chance that they will follow you as well.

When you have a nice number of followers, it then becomes your task to provide them with interesting, helpful and enlightening tweets. Keep them updated regularly, but do not try to spam your followers with links to your product, this is a horrible mistake. You should set up some guidelines for yourself; for example, only post a link once every 10 tweets, the other 9 should not contain a link and should just be a friendly, helpful message to your followers. If you try to blatantly advertise and spam your followers, you’ll just irritate them.

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