You have a terrific website well planned and interesting blogs, so what more do you need to make a profit for your business? If you had a business in a busy shopping centre you would want traffic in the form of customers to come into your shop. If you just sit back and take no kind of action then your business will fail.

An online business is no different, you still need traffic to visit your website, coming to browse and hopefully in the end to purchase from you. So it is the same scenario, traffic is what every business requires, from a high street store to an online business. Keep this in mind and you will succeed.


Without traffic at your site it is doomed from the start. This is the one crucial thing you need to succeed. So how can you encourage traffic to your website.

There are two main ways to generate traffic one is paid advertising the other is free advertising. let me just give you a couple of options.

New Business

Often when you start your own business funds are a little short, so free advertising is a good place to start.

The social networking sites such as Facebook Twitter, MySpace all these popular sites are visited daily and can generate a good source of traffic to your website. These sites need to be worked on daily to build a relationship with your customers. If you following this rule your traffic generation will soon increase.

Another very good form of advertising is YouTube video marketing. This form of advertising is very powerful and makes people believe you are speaking directly to them. This also gives people the chance to get to know you as a person, rather than just a name.

Article writing is another great form of advertising, writing as many articles as possible. This does take a little practice but there is an enormous amount of information on site to help you achieve this. So remember practice makes perfect.

Business Established

Once your business is established using all of the above suggestions, you may then want to move on to paid advertising. This will help generate more traffic to your website. This will take time bit will be very worthwhile in the end.

Be consistent with your marketing will help generate more traffic to your business, which will in the end bring profit to yourself.

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