Traffic on the internet is the biggest maker and breaker of online businesses. Without traffic no website or blog will ever make a profit. Without traffic probably you will be the only person on the net that is seeing your posts or entries. Every day millions of peoples are logging on to the internet for all kinds of reasons. Some are bored and they just go to YouTube for entertainment, some want to buy their favourite stuffs online, some are looking for a date, some are looking for ways to run their businesses, the reasons are endless. Skype, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, MSN, etc just to give a few examples attract millions of visitors each month if not daily. Now, technically for internet marketers and bloggers that is called traffic, and it is a hell lot of a traffic, talk about the 7th wonder of the modern world.

By just using one example, think about how much traffic Google gets how many millions of people log on to Google to just to search for all kinds of information. Sometimes they log on to their computers just to read and know, i.e. for pure knowledge purposes. Sometimes people are searching for places online where they can buy things they need. Otherwise they are looking for directions as to what is the best offer out there in terms of prizes and quality.

However, to get these visitors to our website is both easy and hard at the same time. It’s easy because if you offer something that they are interested in of course they will visit you. is difficult because there is a platform between what you have to offer and the visitor, this platform is the web, be it email, a blog or a website. You have to optimise your interface in such a way that it is easy for the one looking for your services and products to find you easily out of the thousand others offering similar products. This is not easy and it requires technical expertise and experience in order to do well at it.

The companies that have bridge this gap for the users of the internet have reaped millions of profits from this valuable service and even today more new companies are sprouting up to claim their share of this highly profitable market. Google AdSense and AdWord programs are revolutionary in this regard. In fact every successful website has to bridge this gap between them and their prospective clients. This is why learning about traffic generations is a specialist requirement for any internet marketer or blogger. The knowledge in this one area will make you a millionaire if you so desire.

There are two major forms of traffic, they are Paid traffic and free traffic. Before shifting your attention on to free traffic, let us start with paid traffic. Why is it a paid traffic in the first place? The usual suspect is the same, probably it offers quality results in a short period of time. Hence the price tag. This is what common sense will tell us. Yet it is true, common sense does sometimes go wrong but many a times it grows right. Paid traffic leverages the power of search search engines and website contents to deliver adverts that are specific to the interests of the prospects through powerful computer algorithms that are beyond the scope of this article. It is easier to capture the interest of the person interested in a particular thing than someone who is interested in a different thing. This is the logic behind most paid adverts and this is the idea they use to deliver specific and targeted traffic to their buyers. The second is free traffic, free traffic is any form of visitors you get to your site without spending any cash to buy it. Primarily from search engines positions listing, like what people find when they search in Google for a particular information, otherwise called organic searches, it goes without mentioning that if your site is listed in the thousandth rank for a keyword like hair care products, chances are very few will ever see it. Most people only look at the first page of their Google searches. Another is the links that points back to your websites (backlinks) or blog from other websites and blogs. This could be from article directories where you submit your free articles. It could be from forums where you offer some valuable advice and left your links. Yet still it can be because some websites owners or bloggers in a similar market have found your contents useful and link back to it. It could be from your twitter following. It could also come from your FaceBook fans pages of even your Facebook profile, post in links, since you are free to do as you like on your Facebook profile. Yes YouTube videos. One of the best ways to get free traffic to your website or blog, I mean who does not love to watch videos, for all I know it easier to just sit and watch a video than to read. Offer good videos and you are sure to get good traffic back to your website as a reward.

Perhaps what could be said in conclusion about the two methods of traffic generation that they all rely on time to get maximum benefit out of them. The effect of actions on the internet is cumulative, you should get this mind firmly in the light of everything you do to build your business empire online. You could do a single thing today and it may not seem much but overtime it will benefit you immensely. So never underestimate any efforts when it comes to traffic. Traffic generation is a form of advertisement. It has to be repeated again and again and the people have to be exposed to it over and over until they take action. Knowing this fact alone is a big money making strategy online and even offline. The other thing about traffic, is that in order to maximise its potential you need to combine both paid and free traffic together to get good results. The down side of paid traffic is that it could be too expensive and unless you optimise very well and monitor regularly it could cost you a fortune. The downside for free traffic is that it could be too slow and may not be reliable to make profits in the short term. However, both of them combined you are assured of making profit in your online business both in the short term and the long term.

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