Of Course you have heard about Twitter, it is everywhere, and everyone is using it. But do you really know what it is exactly or even how to use it?

Here are some tools to help you make your Twitter life a little easier. First a little update about what Twitter is exactly. It is a free social networking service, a micro blogging site which can be used with ease on both your computer and mobile devices, and it limits users to very short messages of 140 characters. You can share or promote anything by putting tidbits of personal or business information in your posts.If you choose you can add a link pointing them where to go.

Tweet deck, a desktop application, is the most important tool to use it allows you to manage your Twitter account more efficiently. It allows you to separate all your direct messages, your leads, and all your friends tweets into complete separate columns. Tweetdeck is your personal real-time browser, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and more.

I recommend Twollow to get followers, this allows you to put in key words in your niche that others are twitting about. Once someone uses those keywords while tweeting, twollow will auto follow them on your behalf. It’s a great way to find followers who are interested in what you do.

I’d like to tell you about tweetlater. This is to let others know about an important call you want others to know about, also to see a bulletin post or something that you want others to see on a weekly basis. It allows you to create tweets to go out at a specific time when you would like them to go out. It is an auto responder tool to manage your Twitter account.

Did you know there are services out there where you can speak into your phone and have your voice converted into text and sent out to all of your followers. This is a great feature to use if an idea comes to you while driving or you just don’t like to text. Just do a “voice to text” on a Google search and you will find a cheap way to get this done.

You can use a hashtag symbol # before keywords in your tweets to categorize them. When someone clicks on this they will see all other tweets in that same category, also if anyone does a search on a hashtag they may find your tweet. You can also use tagalus to register your hash tags, this will help define your tags so that others can understand what you are talking about.

The last thing I’d like to tell you about is tr.im. You know that twittter only allows you 140 characters in your tweets. Tr.im allows you to shorten your url so you have more room to get your message across.

These tools will make your Twitter life a lot easier. If you need more information on any of the things I have mentioned here. Once again do a Google search for the words and get the answers, because these are all helpful tools for you to use.

Happy Tweeting!

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