Article Marketing is an effective marketing strategy because it has the potential to reach thousands of people on all different kinds of interesting topics and subjects. Not only that, but they are content rich and well structured for people to digest.

Below are some of the main reasons why Article Marketing can be so effective for both you and the reader:

Firstly, if not outsourced, they are free! Articles are a great way to start generating a nice flow of traffic to your websites especially if you’re new to the Internet Marketing game. You can bet that once your article is up on the web, it will be diverting traffic to your website for months and years to come, from the moment it’s out there.

Second, they’re an excellent tool for building a presence online. Your author stats will give you more credibility and will make a good first impression to new readers. If your content is of high quality and appealing to your target audience, people will take note of who produced it (you) and might even remember to check back for more on a regular basis.

The third point is branding. It is important to cast yourself in a positive, presentable light. Article Marketing is an excellent way to achieve this. Your brand will be seen by everyone who visits your content, so take consideration as to how others perceive you. Building trust with your readers is essential, you must have their trust of they won’t think twice before moving right along without giving you a second thought. Article Marketing provides you with that ability, to brand yourself as a trustworthy, helpful presence.

Our fourth point is traffic. Article Marketing, as mentioned before, is brilliant for traffic generation. To expand on that, it is clearly one of the main purposes of the article. Most article submission websites have a resource box, in which you are allowed to insert your link along with a sentence or two describing what it is you do and where the link leads to, this is to encourage the reader to follow it. You should make this appealing to the reader and somewhat related to the article above. The reader has just read all of that content, it’s on his mind, so he/she is probably interested and looking to find out more, this is where you offer them more. Use the link to send them back to your website or lead capture page.

Lastly, articles are an excellent source for back links. They’re excellent for developing your SEO and of course, will lead readers back to your website or lead capture page, as mentioned before.

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