Promoting your blog is the single most important thing you need to do if your going to reach your financial goals. The strategies I am about to share are proven and will generate a tremendous amount of traffic.

Without question social media is the prime spot to promote your blog. Here is a list of social media sites I strongly suggest you utilize:

  • Facebook – Simply place your blog post URL into as many Facebook groups as you can. This will give you backlinks and plenty of traffic
  • LinkedIn – This is a great resource and is very similar to Facebook when posting into groups within your niche. I have actually seen twice the amount of leads coming out of LinkedIn then I have from Facebook
  • Twitter – This is one social media site people simply are not using enough. By keeping your twitter account open and writing a short but strong sentence with the exact blog post URL you will have many leads come from twitter
  • Onlywire – This is a free service where you can click a bookmark and share button that will get your blog post out to 40 of the top page rank websites on the Internet. This will not only get you a lot of traffic but will give you backlinks to push your blog post up within the Google rankings
  • Tribes – The traffic and backlinks you will get by joining a free tribe is amazing. There are a few very strong tribes that will have hundreds of people sending your blog post out to hundreds of websites and blogs all over the Internet
  • Article marketing – Article marketing holds both a strong backlink to your blog and if your information is strong you will generate a lot of traffic. Remember, if you become an expert within your niche people will know it and want to do business with you

While I work my business online full time I actually use all of the above each and every day. Even if you are working your business on a part time basis, many of the above are autosyndicating which means you just click a few buttons to share your blog post with hundreds of other like minded people.

If true success is what you seek we need to back up a bit. You see the biggest problem I see with those I mentor is that their marketing funnel is not set up correctly.

I can teach you to drive 1000s of people to your blog per day but if your marketing funnel is not correct you are still not going to earn any significant income. So what does a proper marketing funnel consist of?

  • A free gift that you offer to your prospects
  • Capture pages for your visitors to complete their information to receive their free gift
  • Autoresponders that send out the free gift and follow up emails that allow your prospects to understand how you can assist them
  • Various call to actions within your blog including a “Pop Up” which will convert 30% of your prospects

The above is so important if you are going to earn serious income online. Set your business up once and correctly and enjoy the many befits with working online and from home.

Here is a Free 3-Day Free Training “The Secrets Behind Social Media” that will show you exactly how to set up your marketing funnel and extensive blogging strategies.

Blogging for cash is actually quite simple once you have a daily strategy that you are implementing on a consistent basis. The free training above will review many of those daily activities while putting a professional marketing funnel in place.

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