I have touched on how to get people to enjoy your content and eventually pass it on to create a viral effect. Now I want to dive into some actual methods you can apply today to increase your traffic, views and business! 10 methods to be exact, plus a bonus tip. Read on…

Below are the Top 10 Ways to get a Viral Effect

1. Different Headlines and tags – Do your keyword research and try to get some good keywords that surround your content. Think, “what would you type in if you were looking for a video like yours?” Once you get good, you can even adjust the tags so they only bring up other videos that you want them too in the suggested videos box. Headlines are a double edged sword. You want it to be catchy and at the same time an accurately description, so I will leave it up to you to find the right balance.

2. Blogs – Get it out there. Post it to as many blogs as you can and see if you can get people to add it to theirs! If you can get on 1 or 2 high traffic blogs, you can explode as those people will share it with their friends and so on. This is something to seriously think about and even consider paying for!

3. Forums – Start threads and embed the content. This is a great way to get views to your content. NOw that being said, it is very time consuming, but if you can find a few niche forums and start a few new threads in each, they you can drive a lot of traffic.

4. Leverage Your Social Networks – This is what it is all about folks! This should go without saying at this point, but tweet it on twitter, post it on Facebook, embed it on MySpace and make sure its in your YouTube channel. This can drive massive traffic within a few hours, so be ready!

5. Email Lists – This has been one of the main cornerstones in some of the big viral campaigns I have researched. The disbursement and forwarding of a mass email is a phenomenal way to get your content in front of a lot of people quickly. Imagine if they in turn forward it to their lists and so on and so forth. You my friend have a virus on your hands.

6. Social Bookmarking and The Availability to Bookmark – I made social bookmarking its own point here because it is so powerful. If you have a blog or article, make sure they can Digg, Stumble and Mixx your posts and articles and videos very easily so that it will turn will drive more hits and rank you higher organically. If you can get onto the front page of one of the major bookmarking sites, you will see an almost instant spike in traffic and if you did it right that will in itself spread your virus.

7. Choose a Good Thumbnail – You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When people see your thumbnail, what will they think? The thumbnail is that first impression. Make sure it is something eye catching and something that would make you yourself click. Some people resort to the old sex sells adage here and I will leave that decision up to you, but ask yourself how many times have you clicked on the hot girl in the bikini?

8. Comments – People love comments. It has often been said that blogs or posts don’t get famous for the posts themselves, but rather for the comments underneath. That rings true for videos too. So, do what you have to to get some comments on there. I will let you use your imagination, as I have not suggested anything of the sort that you are thinking about right now.

9. Give Them What They Want – Top Ten Lists(see I am not stupid), how to tutorials, current events, extreme events, and really anything that hits home and/or elicits a deep emotion(passion, fear, lust, sorrow). These are the types of things that people want to see. If you can pull some deep emotions out of people then it is all over, you have a hit. If you can’t help but laugh, cry gasp or be captivated then you have the makings of a great article/video/post. You can also elicit the same response by giving people massive value, just like this article. People pay a lot of money for information like this, but I am giving it away for free and that is powerful.

10. Ask for Help – Why not? You would be surprised how many people will forward an email or bookmark a site if you just ask them to. If will go something like this:

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article on Viral Marketing. Do your part to help make this article go Viral by Digging it, Stumbling Upon it, Mixing it up, posting it to your Facebook, Your MySpace and tweeting about it on Twitter. You can also Check out my blog at…etc…etc

So there you go, Those are my Top 10 Ways to Create a Viral Effect with videos, articles or even your business.

Now, I promised you a bonus tip.

***Try some Neuro Linguistic Programming***

-I, like you, want to maximize my effectiveness whether it is for work or even just for fun. Join my team now to make sure you understand this powerful method of controlling people through techniques such as suggestion and embedded commands. You will make more money and buy now, hopefully, you have noticed a few of these anchors. Haha, you get that?

As always,
Good Luck out there


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