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When it comes to making cash on the internet the biggest issue that so many people have is they just do not understand where to begin and what to do – that’s about to change. Something you have to realize is the more you know about making money online the easier it’s all going to be.

The primary thing that you should understand is that article marketing is a great method to make quick cash and the reason is because there are millions of sites out there that you can get your articles on. For instance think about this, you compose 1 article and publish that on 5000 websites that all receive between 10-30 visitors each day. Don’t you think you would be able to earn some money from the traffic that clicks through your link? I’m very sure you can and that is one of the reasons why I want to talk to you about article marketing and what it can accomplish for you.

If you want to earn quick cash from article marketing the first thing you have to know is that you must keep at it. Where lots of individuals fail is they begin article marketing with a false hope that they will be able to earn fast cash with just writing 1 article every few days but that is not the case. What you need to realize is that in order to earn fast cash you must write no less than one article everyday and submit that article to as many article directories and blogs as you can.

Tricks to earn fast cash with article marketing

Know your subject – If you’re doing article marketing than make sure that you get what you’re talking about. For instance do not talk about “Cancer” if you have no clue what that actually is. Do yourself and your readers a big favor and only talk about things you have experience in.

Publish bigger posts – I am not saying writing a post that is 2000 words but make it no less than 400 or else it’ll be hard for you to earn cash quickly. The reason you want to write a little bigger of a post is to make sure that your readers get just what they were wanting to get out of your article.

Write daily – If you would like to make cash online then you have to understand that you have to write daily. Lots of individuals think it does not matter if you publish 2 articles per day or 14 in 1 day but the truth is that traffic is different each day of the week and because of that you need to try to average yourself out so that you receive as much traffic and make as much money as possible.

If you want to make money then the first thing you need to know is that you must have some decent ideas to make money, the next thing you need to understand is you will not earn cash quickly if you do not put in the time and effort.

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Article Marketing is an effective marketing strategy because it has the potential to reach thousands of people on all different kinds of interesting topics and subjects. Not only that, but they are content rich and well structured for people to digest.

Below are some of the main reasons why Article Marketing can be so effective for both you and the reader:

Firstly, if not outsourced, they are free! Articles are a great way to start generating a nice flow of traffic to your websites especially if you’re new to the Internet Marketing game. You can bet that once your article is up on the web, it will be diverting traffic to your website for months and years to come, from the moment it’s out there.

Second, they’re an excellent tool for building a presence online. Your author stats will give you more credibility and will make a good first impression to new readers. If your content is of high quality and appealing to your target audience, people will take note of who produced it (you) and might even remember to check back for more on a regular basis.

The third point is branding. It is important to cast yourself in a positive, presentable light. Article Marketing is an excellent way to achieve this. Your brand will be seen by everyone who visits your content, so take consideration as to how others perceive you. Building trust with your readers is essential, you must have their trust of they won’t think twice before moving right along without giving you a second thought. Article Marketing provides you with that ability, to brand yourself as a trustworthy, helpful presence.

Our fourth point is traffic. Article Marketing, as mentioned before, is brilliant for traffic generation. To expand on that, it is clearly one of the main purposes of the article. Most article submission websites have a resource box, in which you are allowed to insert your link along with a sentence or two describing what it is you do and where the link leads to, this is to encourage the reader to follow it. You should make this appealing to the reader and somewhat related to the article above. The reader has just read all of that content, it’s on his mind, so he/she is probably interested and looking to find out more, this is where you offer them more. Use the link to send them back to your website or lead capture page.

Lastly, articles are an excellent source for back links. They’re excellent for developing your SEO and of course, will lead readers back to your website or lead capture page, as mentioned before.

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Internet marketing has created so many tools that businesses can use to market their products or services. Blogs are scattered all over the Internet discussing the powers of certain products. Websites have come out that sell everything and anything that is conceivable. The internet has become a robust place for trade and commerce for people all over the world. But finding the right internet marketing strategy that can help a site is tricky and challenging.

You must understand where the sweet spot of your customer base lies – there are several ways to find your target market popular ways of internet marketing include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, search engine optimization, article marketing, and countless other ways. To succeed in your internet marketing campaign you must use a combination of the internet marketing tools that are available to you. Using only one internet marketing tool will limit your success and slow down website traffic.

You must make your website search engine optimization friendly. A search engine optimization friendly site includes article marketing, social media optimization, good content, and several back links. Back links help your site boost website traffic because of the redirected internet browsers that are interested in certain products or services available online. Use keywords that are appropriate to your target market and use the right titles to draw attention to your site. You can also encode the keywords into the HTML or PHP format. The meta-tags will help generate a good definition to search engine results pages. The more unique tags that are associated to your site the better your chances of moving up page rankings and keeping you there for a good amount of time.

Article marketing is also an effective way of creating back links for your site. Online directories hold articles for publishers to publish in their site. Once a publisher decides to publish an article you have made, a browser from their site will be redirected to your site once they click on the link you have provided. The back links that are tied up with your site will boost the search engine optimization friendliness of your site. More website traffic will increase your chance of a purchase. If you have ads that are in your site you will have the chance to make residual income because of the paid advertisement.

The directories you have submitted to will help you find your target market. The publishers who take your articles chose those articles because it is relevant to their intended audience. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone right? Article marketing is an effective way of endorsing your site if it is combined well with other internet marketing tools.

The right internet marketing tool is just in your midst. You must understand the needs of your target market and how you will get to them. In the internet age it is much easier to find your audience because of the information they give out in social media networking sites. Combine all of the internet marketing tools available to you to build your business’s internet identity.

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Article marketing and traffic generation is a great combination for bringing you highly qualified and highly targeted traffic. In this article we’re focusing on article marketing and the three types of traffic you must have.

3 types of traffic

These 3 types can deliver all the traffic you will ever need. I couldn’t stop the visitors coming into my web sites and blogs because of these strategies if I wanted to, and I assure you I don’t want to. And neither will you.

Let’s take a closer look at the three types of traffic you must have. It’s not a matter of just one type, it’s a matter of three types.

The first thing I ever learned about traffic on the Internet is this:

Don’t chase after traffic. Find out where the traffic is going and get in front of it.

Now, with article marketing and social marketing and social article marketing, I have added to that quote to say:

Don’t chase after traffic, find out where the traffic is going, get in front of it, and then re-direct it exactly where you want it to go.

And where you want it to go is your profit centers like your blog, your opt in pages, your product resource pages as well.

The three types of traffic are:

1) Immediate traffic

2) Regular traffic

3) Long-term/evergreen traffic

Immediate traffic is traffic that you want to get right away. Article marketing provides that for you. When you create a piece of content and put it on EzineArticle and other article directories, on your blog, and other places, you will get immediate traffic from that 20 to 30 minute investment that it took you to create that content and submit it. That is a great way to get immediate traffic.

Now, imagine having that power at your disposal. You need traffic, create another article. Boom. Simple as that.

Regular traffic means regular, daily, even hourly, consistent traffic from your efforts. Your articles and your content does that as well. An article that may be old to you is brand new to the person that finds it for the first time.

On an article directory, on your Facebook fan page, in your YouTube videos. That’s immediate traffic and then regular consistent traffic.

Long-term evergreen traffic is traffic that keeps producing for you day after day, hour after hour, year after year for you once you created the bait or the content.

I’ve got one article that was written in August of 2005 and it still consistently averages 1,500 or more unique visitors a month for something I did many years ago. That’s evergreen traffic and that’s the kind of traffic you get when you get your articles out there, when you get your content out there. You get traffic, you get benefits from something you did weeks, months, even years ago.

And then you stack each piece of content, each article upon another. That evergreen traffic just continues to build and pretty soon you’ve got more traffic coming in than you ever thought and you won’t be able to stop it, even if you want to. And like I assured you, you won’t want to.

Those are the three types of traffic, immediate, regular, and long-term evergreen that you need to begin taking advantage of right away.

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From Jeff Herring – The Article Marketing Guy

And as always, folks, go use this stuff.

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