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Building relationships on the internet is a commonly overlooked aspect of achieving marketing success. Entrepreneurs sometimes fail to even recognize that relationship building is ultimately the most effective marketing strategy they can use. True as it is that the available technology certainly helps grow a business, to be truly successful one must also focus on relationship building as well!

Here are 3 vital components every business must have for online marketing success that developing strong relations with others can supply!


Connecting with others on the internet by supplying them with information that is of interest and useful can actually create a sense of dependency. This is your ‘hook’ and when people come to recognize you as a free and accurate source for their interests and needs they tend to become more reliant upon you! The first step is to get them to return! Now you are building trust with them which will make you much more effective marketing any goods or services to them down the road.


Developing customer loyalty is the ultimate key to your marketing success online and can be accomplished by consistently being helpful. Making yourself available in terms of discussions or at least something new to offer such as useful content will compel people to continue returning. The use of blogs or even social network sites are a great way to connect with others! Also by not aggressively or consistently promoting something to them will help to only deepen their loyalty towards you!


The ‘track record’ you develop with others, provided it is positive, will compel folks to spread the word to others with similar interests! At this point you are now able to expand your exposure using the viral effect that results from the satisfaction others have experienced with you! Your success will only grow from the additional traffic that has been ‘recommended’ to you by people they already trust!

Building relationships can justifiably be considered the foundation to your marketing success when work on the internet. Although technology does allow for a certain amount of sophistication and automation when working online, nothing is more important than relationship building. Having a strong connection with those to whom you promote is the most effective marketing strategy you can employ. The 3 vital components every successful business needs that are reviewed above can only be supplied by maintaining healthy interpersonal relations. Always remember people are still people whether you communicate to them in person or over the internet! You absolutely must earn their trust and loyalty if you are seeking marketing success be it online or off!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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What are your goals as a business owner for your company? What kind of reputation do you want to have? What are you going to be known for? Do you have a clear reputation management strategy? Do you know why reputation management is becoming increasingly important?

Fuzzy, unclear answers to these questions and lack of reputation management knowledge may indicate it’s time to use a rep management service that specializes in defining and achieving your goals.

Perhaps you thought you had rep management under control and now a barrage of chronic complaints, bad reviews, and poor star ratings have begun to suddenly dominate the SERP landscape. Your goal now is urgent – it’s time to get the negative results “below the fold,” that is, lower on the first page of Google results.

Naturally, as a business owner you realize that the underlying cause of dissatisfied customers needs to be evaluated internally. You’re ready to make the necessary changes, hire the right management, retrain employees, and revamp your image. Then, it’s time to get the word out about the new you. Targeted rep management by an experienced firm will engage in using various strategies to accomplish this.

Basic Primer of Reputation Management Strategies:

* Monitoring of search engine results.
* Setting up alerts for mentions of your company and relevant industry news.
* Evaluate and rework social media outreach and engagement.
* Optimize your site’s pages for SEO.
* Submit content in highly authoritative locations on the Internet
* Build a company LinkedIn profile.
* Write targeted SEO blogs.
* Use photo and video sharing sites for outreach.
* Find ways to rally loyal, happy customers to your company’s defense.

As a busy business owner, the main focus is going to be making sure you have the best widgets on the market. However, in the face of negative or unfair reviews and comments, you’re going to want to engage in reputation management so past and future customers know you do in fact sell the best widgets around.

The above-mentioned strategies take a lot of work, effort and patience – which may not be feasible for individuals or small or medium business owners to manage on their own. Experienced and skilled reputation management firms whose goal is to help repair your damaged reputation let the business owner focus on good business. The end result is the image you want to have, created and defined by you, and controlled with good reputation management techniques and practices.

Jennifer Greenfield writes articles on public relations and reputation management strategies. RepRepair helps individuals, businesses, and brands repair and restore their online reputation. For more information, visit

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Online reputation management is increasingly important for anyone with a web presence, including politicians, doctors and dentists, business owners, and people in the public eye. Keeping tabs on your reputation on the Internet is the second step in maintaining a positive image; the first being a proactive establishment of a positive reputation online.

Vigilant management of your reputation includes finding out where your customers are online. Meet your clients where they are online, be it Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook or Twitter, and then be vigilant about monitoring your Internet reputation on these sites. How do you find the unhappy and happy clients?

Google yourself. Searching for your company on the big three search engines gives you a big picture of your online reputation and lets you see what a potential consumer sees. Monitoring what comes up on search engine results pages (SERPs) is part of finding where your customers are praising and complaining online. This will help you target your efforts in protecting your online reputation.

Search social media outlets. SERPs may not bring up what is being said about your business on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Get on those sites or find the ones which are influential for your industry. Search for your company name and find out what is being said among friends and followers. Your disgruntled customer may not take the effort to write a review on a formal review site but will air his complaint on a social network. This type of word-of-mouth commentary won’t be obvious unless you actively seek out what your customers are saying, yet these comments can be influential and damaging as friends tell other friends about the bad experience. Vigilant monitoring of these sites is going to help you manage your online reputation.

Read what the bloggers in your industry are writing about. Influential bloggers can give you a sense of your current reputation. Their voice is listened to and shared by current or potential customers. Consumers in the market for your product are going to find these posts and even comment, giving you a better sense of what your online reputation looks like. Comment on their posts, ask their opinions and treat them with respect because influential bloggers can help or hurt your online reputation. With an established relationship, they’ll become important aspects of your strategy to protect and preserve your reputation on the Internet.

Ultimately, your reputation should be targeted and vigilant. A firm which specializes in managing online reputations of businesses in your industry knows where to find your clients online, will catch negative remarks, and then help craft the appropriate response.

Jennifer Greenfield writes articles on public relations and online reputation management strategies. RepRepair helps individuals, businesses, and brands repair and restore their online reputation. For more information, visit

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