Article marketing is a very effective, cost-efficient off page optimization technique for any type of website or blog. Any internet marketer who cares to do the process right, can expect improvement in their page ranking and increased in their web traffic. This is a very simple process of writing several articles related to your coaching programs with the aim to create product awareness in the online arena and later on, to get people to visit your website.

The process starts by choosing the best topics for your articles. In order to make well-informed decision, I suggest that you get to know the pulse of your potential clients. Involving these people when identifying the things to discuss on your articles will really help in making your copies very targeted. As a coach, I would recommend that you talk about the problems or goals that can be solved or achieved through your programs so you can easily get your prospects to pay attention.

Do not forget to identify the keywords that you’re going to use before you even start tapping on your keyboard. Launch keyword tracker and determine the keywords that are closely related to your chosen topics. You will need to use these to ensure that your articles will become searchable in the online arena.

The next step is to write your articles. Remember, quality really counts not only on the eyes of directories but on the eyes of search engines as well. So, take the time to put together nice content that will impress your readers. Load your articles with useful information that your readers haven’t heard of yet. Make use of short sentences, short paragraphs, and simple terms.

Then, distribute your articles to directories. You don’t need to use 100 of them. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you focus your attention only on those that have better page ranking and those that are trusted by online users. These sites have what it takes to give each of your articles maximum exposure.

How this process can help you boost your page ranking? Each time you get an article published on major directories, you’ll get high quality inbound links for your website. As you know, these links are seriously being considered by Google when they’re assigning page rank. The more links you build for your website, the better. That is why, I recommend that you write and distribute as many articles as possible. Just ensure that you do not put their readability and overall quality on the line.

The articles that you write will also help your potential clients easily find you in the online arena. Once these articles show up on relevant listings, online users can easily click and open them. When that happens, they’ll be exposed to your resource box which serves as the gateway to your website. Obviously, this is the key to more traffic and later on, to more sales leads.

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